At inCentre we offer 4 seasonal sessions for registration in order to provide consistent training throughout the year for those that commit to regular practice.

We are also always happy to welcome new clients and those that wish to drop in at any time throughout the year. 
If you are new to Pilates, ask about the FOUNDATIONS PACKAGE to get started right away.


Alberta Covid-19 REP
Restrictions Exemption Program


It's EASY - and you have instant access to all the detailed scheduling and class information. You can simply click on the classes you want and book your times online. 24 hour convenience
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Professional Pilates Instruction
Small Group Classes
 Apparatus: Reformer, Tower,  EXO-Chair, Jumpboard, Pilates Strength & Suspension
Pilates Based/ Movement: Mat, Power Pilates, Jump Fusion, Vinyasa Flow & Sunrise Yoga, Somatic Movement
Private Training 
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“I valued every aspect of the workshop. Janet’s knowledge and ability to convey this, not only to my cognitive understanding of the concepts, but more importantly my kinesthetic movement. The awareness Janet offers to my mind, body and soul can best be described as ease and openness. Was also wonderful connecting with others in a very welcoming, opening and intimate environment.” 

—  Michelle