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Our Story

InCentre Pilates was first established in 2013 by Mirella Zadkovich and Cindy Madsen. They saw a need for a studio in Sherwood Park that offered a variety of Pilates classes using Matwork & Apparatus taught by certified and experienced Instructors. They sought out peers with similar values and their own unique skills and opened a small studio while renting space at a larger gym. An amazing community was born of like minded individuals that practiced together every week, getting stronger and continuously learning new ways to challenge the body and mind.

The studio grew to find a larger home that accommodates group classes, workshops and private training. The team grew and were able to reach more people. "We love what we do, we have fun and are rewarded by every client's progress."

InCentre Pilates remains locally owned and operated and committed to helping people feel their best, perform at optimum, move with ease and discover their inner strength.

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