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The Studio

Joseph Pilates developed specialized equipment for the Pilates discipline in order to facilitate precision movement and to help the body learn correct technique while creating optimum muscle memory. InCentre has sleek and modern Reformers featuring a moveable foot-bar, Cadillac/Towers and Exo-Chairs that allow for integrated exercises and variations on the classical repertoire. Our equipment utilizes spring resistance to create both challenge and support, promoting total body strengthening, balance, flexibility, control and mobility.

InCentre offers a variety of Contemporary Pilates and Movement classes with the goal of challenging our clients to train the whole body and achieve individual wellness goals. Contemporary Pilates uses the foundations of the historical Contrology method and adds creative variations and follows evidence based research to this ever evolving method.


There is a reason the Pilates Method has been around for so many years, recommended by medical professionals, practiced by so many including the world's top athletes, with the principles & movement copied by hundreds of imitators. People of all ages, lifestyles, body shapes and genders all over the world benefit from Pilates and make it a weekly practice and an integral part of their healthy lifestyle.

Let us introduce you to Contemporary Pilates to find out why. 

State of the Art Apparatus
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