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How To Get Started


If you are new to Pilates, want a bit of individual time to learn more about our practice the Foundations Package is the best way to get started!


Start with 2 private training sessions with an Instructor to set some goals, introduce you to the apparatus and method as well as give you customized instruction. This will give you the confidence to enter a small group armed with a familiarity of what to expect and any specific modification you may need. Next you can try 2 beginner level small group classes (Principles or Form) that suit your schedule.


*Please contact the studio to book this package so we can schedule your private appointments.

Welcome Pass

The Welcome Pass is a pass for 3 beginner level (Form or Principles) group classes to be booked online. If you are new to our studio but have previous Pilates experience this gives you a taste of what our small group classes are like and allows you to try a few different Instructors. (this pass expires 1 month from the date of first use.) This offer is available for NEW CLIENTS only.


*Online Booking


Private appointments allow our comprehensively trained Instructors to assess your current movement, strength and mobility and tailor an individual program to meet your goals.

This is recommended for anyone starting at the studio with any pre-existing injuries, pregnancy or physical limitations. (doctor clearance is required post surgery/rehab). 

Private training may also be preferred due to scheduling challenges, for elite Athletes or just because you prefer to work one on one. Some people prefer to start with a period of private training with a goal of moving into group classes. All options will be discussed.

Appointments may use Matwork, Reformer, Tower, Exo Chair as appropriate.

$75 for single, packages available

*Please contact the studio to schedule your private appointments.

Principles Course

See our Class descriptions for details and the difference between the Principles Course or Class.

We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about Pilates, our studio and your goals prior to making any commitments. Feel free to contact us to discuss.

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