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Our Instructors

All Instructors at InCentre have completed Comprehensive Pilates Training at a minimum of 450 hrs in Matwork, Full Apparatus including having completed instructional hours, case studies, anatomy, apprenticeship and practice hours. This is in accordance with the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) recommendations for worldwide consistency in professional standards. 

This standard is vitally important to us in establishing trust with our clients and healthcare partners as well as to act as a baseline of knowledge so our Instructors can then be creative with contemporary variations.

Education is very important and our Instructors and all attend various ongoing education and evidence based research.


Hi, I'm Mirella

Co-Owner, Equipment, Mat, Suspend, Stretch Instructor

Mirella began practicing pilates after a workshop she attended over 10 years ago. She was immediately drawn to it and knew that it was something she needed to share with others.


She became certified in 2004 through Integration Pilates Studio under the guidance of Tracy Friesen. She has been teaching throughout Sherwood Park and Edmonton ever since. “Pilates is not only an exercise form, it becomes a lifestyle. I continue to be amazed by the transformations I see in people. I am truly blessed to share in one’s reconnection with their own body.”


Mirella uses her background in dance, creative movement and yoga to guide her pilates instruction and continues to educate herself through various workshops and conferences.


cindy profile_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Cindy

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Co-Owner, Equipment, Mat, Jump & Suspend Instructor

Cindy discovered Pilates in 2001 and as a former dancer she immediately loved the lengthening and strengthening aspects as well as the fluidity of movement. 

She is a comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor in both Matwork and Full Apparatus since 2010/2011 (Tracy Stafford-Integration Pilates) 450hrs Certification Matwork, Reformer, Tower/Cadillac, Chair, Full Apparatus), has also completed a certificate in Balanced Body Barre (Portia Page) and is a certified Silk Suspension Instructor(-Pilates Academy International). In 2018 Cindy became a NPCP® Certified Pilates Teacher and continues to pursue ongoing education in her field.

In May of 2013 inCentre Pilates opened it’s doors with Cindy as Co-owner. She teaches group Pilates classes and does private Pilates training with clients of all ages and abilities. Helping people find their inner strength and exceed their perceived limitations is her motivation for teaching.

She created the inCentre Athletics Training program and currently trains many high level amateur and professional athletes and dancers in the Pilates Method.


Hi, I'm Janet

Equipment, Mat, Vinyasa Yoga, Somatic Movement Instructor

Janet Kwantes, BSc, BA, CMA is a Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban/Bartenieff Somatic Studies Institute (LSSI), Canada and the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), New York City. She has over twenty years of experience teaching post-secondary science, language, and movement both locally and internationally. She facilitates functional and expressive movement education for artists and laypersons, embodied developmental movement patterning for babies and caregivers, and experiential anatomy for yoga teacher training programs. Janet has led numerous movement workshops and courses for athletes, university teams, as well as actors, dancers, and theatre students.


Janet is passionate about people and movement and is particularly interested in the effects of cultural context, language, and perception as they relate to movement. She is a registered Traditional Thai masseuse and regularly practises yoga, Traditional Yang-style T'ai Chi Chuan (Solo form and Push Hands), and Pilates.


In her private practice, Janet uses the lens of Laban’s Body, Effort, Shape, and Space in facilitating psychosomatic therapeutic sessions for adults, neuromuscular re-patterning for adults and children, and Pilates mat work and equipment instruction. Her educational background in biology and psychology, post-graduate studies in Dance/Movement Therapy, and Laban Movement Analysis provide her with a unique perspective in exploring the relationship between movement, perception, creativity, and the psyche. Janet’s client base draws from the corporate sector, post-secondary institutions, chiropractic offices, and private individuals.


Hi, I'm Nicole

Equipment and Mat Instructor

Nicole Wassill discovered Pilates when she injured her knee while working as a professional dancer, singer, and actor. After surgery and extensive rehabilitation therapy, she struggled to reach her previous level of fitness.

Through Pilates, Nicole was able to rebalance her body and regain the stability, strength, and flexibility required for her profession and lifestyle. Now, Nicole is a passionate advocate for Pilates and the benefits it offers, and she is driven to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Nicole's diverse experience and expertise allows her to tailor workouts to meet the specific needs of each individual (i.e. improve mental and physical health; enhance performance in sports, dance and other physical activities; and recover from injury).

Nicole’s clients include:
Miss Canada Universe contestant
Weight-Loss Challenge winners
Dancers (professional and amateur)
Mixed martial artists
Professional athelets
Special population clients (i.e. those with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and cancer)
Pre and Post Natal

Nicole's education and certification
Pilates mat and full-equipment certification - trained by Tracy Friesen (PMA recognized)
Mind-body and Personal Training certifications - Can Fit Pro
Theatre Arts Program - Grant MacEwan University

She has instructed throught the years for World Health (personal trainer/pilates), for the City of Edmonton, Alberta Enviro Fuels, Integration Pilates and at her previous own studio Inner Strength Pilates to name a few.

Nicole is committed to continually learning and growing, and from information learned at conferences and continuing education classes she will regularly incorporate new work in her classes.


Hi, I'm Carrie

Equipment & Mat Instructor

My Pilates journey started when I added a Pilates mat class to my weekly fitness routine. Then, after injuring my knee while skiing, I decided to try the Pilates equipment to safely regain strength and mobility in my knee. That was all it took-I was hooked on Pilates.  


I am a graduate of the  Core Dynamics (Santa Fe, New Mexico) pilates certification program (2009). I am also mat certified with the Physical Mind Institute and a Licensed Fletcher Pilates provider. 

I love Pilates because it is whole body exercise that challenges the mind and the body but doesn't stress the joints. I believe Pilates offers something for every body and thoroughly enjoy teaching the method to students of all kinds.  I believe Pilates will carry me into old age with agility, allowing me to continue the things I love, like skiing!


Hi, I'm Nicole

Equipment & Mat Instructor

Nicole grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and has been active from the start, enjoying as many activities as were available to her. She enjoyed several school sports, dance, gymnastics, music and drama. As an adult she joined karate, achieving a second degree black belt. Over the years she has also enjoyed the stretching elements of yoga and the calming environment it evokes.
In an effort to reduce back issues due to scoliosis and other injuries, Nicole tried a few private Pilates classes. Soon after this introduction to Pilates she was hooked! She noticed an increase of strength, balance, flexibility, and a greater range of movement in her everyday life.
The positive effects on posture have also helped her with her career as a hairstylist, minimizing the fatigue of constant standing with arms raised.
After 11 years of taking Pilates classes and being passionate about health and wellness, Nicole decided it was time to share her knowledge and help others in their journeys.
She took her Pilates Instructor Course on Mat Pilates under Tracy Stafford (PMA recognized), owner of Integration Pilates Studio, in the winter of 2016. Then in the winter of 2018 she completed the Pilates Full Apparatus Instruction Course. Nicole is looking forward to this exciting career of helping others move and feel better.

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